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$ 0.00 DANCE BOJANGLES DANCE (Buntyn, 2007) 27", 6.5 inch, EM, Sev, Tetraploid. Clear purple with heavily ruffled gold and silver edge. Parentage: (BODACIOUS BLUSH X BELLA SERA).
$ 0.00DANCE WITH SOMEBODY(Heidi Douglas, 2013) 29", 8 inch, ERe, Dor, Dip, 14 buds, 3 branches, Unusual Form Cascade. Dark pink with large extended lime green throat. One of the best new children of the incomperable Rose F. Kennday. Parentage: (MAGIC OF OZ ROSE F. KENNEDY).

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(Maryott 2012) 27", 5 inch, MRe, Sev, Tetraploid. Very unusual and exceptionally strong growth. Most of the breeders are focused on green throats. We personally have found the orange throats when coupled with the applique pattern are quite interesting. Smoky orange RHS 24A with thin maroon (RHS 63B) band. Wire edge of maroon. An appropriate name because this one will not be confused with another. Parentage is (RRETTY GAUDY x CHERRY VALENTINE) x INCENDIARY. Sdlg. No. H1049A.
$ 0.00DARK NIGHT DYNAMITE (Stamile-Pierce, 2010) 36", 6.75 inch, EMRe, [Sev/Ev], Tet, Frag, 30 buds, 5 branches, Black purple, green throat, thick bubbly gold and white edging. Parentage: VIOLET BECOMES YOU X BIG RED WAGON.
$ 0.00DARK PRINCE (Stamile, 2009) 24", 5.5 inch, MRe, Ev, Tet. Black with gold edge above green throat. Parentage: (VIOLET BECOMES YOU ((SCARLET LACE SEIZE THE NIGHT) COMPLEMENTARY COLORS)).

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(Maryott 2014) 34", 5 3/4 inch, EMRe, Ev, Tet. Solid true gold happens to be a rather scarce coloring. One of the first to bloom. This beauty is well formed, sunfast, and gives excellent branching and buds. Sdlg. K2356A Parentage: H1084A x G587A.
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(Maryott 2015) 28 inches tall, 5 inch blooms, EM, tetraploid, Sev, Light red petals RHS 39A with very large bright yellow applique throat RHS 48B and very light diffused eye. Provides a very distinctive look in the garden, not to be confused with anything else. Sdlg. K224A ((SDLG. F1426C:[SDLG. B438A(MAKE BELIEVE MAGIC X BUBBLING EDGE)] X UNKNOWN)X SDLG. H198:[SDLG. F622A:(SDGL. B392B X SDLG. E1025)] X [SDLG. E374A: (SDLG. B408A X MEET JOE BLACK))]) (VIEW PEDIGREE FOR MORE DETAILS).
$ 0.00DIANA'S EVENING GOWN (Waldrop, 2008) 26", 7 inch, MLaRe, [Dor] , Tet, Fragrant, 27 buds, 3 branches, Pink polychrome with ruffled yellow edge above green throat. Parentage: (DIANA'S PINK GOWN x SDLG.).

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