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(Maryott 2011) 37", 5.75 inch, EMRe, Sev, Tet. High bud count at 20 to 30 here. Extremely strong grower. Deep Orange (RHS 56A) with Deep Red Eyes (RHS 34B) and yellow green throat. Most of you know that I'm crazy about orange daylilies and this is another advancement on that line. Better than it's father OKTOBERFEST and also a stronger grower. Seedling No. F1791N. Parentage: OKTOBERFEST X WILD CHERRY ROUND UP.

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(Maryott 2015) 24", 6 inch, EMRe, fertile tetraploid and evergreen. Everyone is making blue-purple eyes with beige pink petals. This one is exciting because of the beautiful form, nice bloom height, and very prominent wide blue-purple banding. The eye is RHS 187C and the petals are RHS 49A. This is a child of our own BUSY BEING BLUE with better height. Sdlg. No. L1139A. Parentage: SAILING AT DAWN X BUSY BEING BLUE.
$ 0.00 HAPPY HAPPY (Smith-FR, 2008) 26", 6 inch, EMRe, Sev, Tet, Cream white with burgundy red eye and ruffled edge above yellow green throat. Parentage: ((TET. LAVENDER BLUE BABY X HANK WILLIAMS) (TET. CONNIE BURTON X CRAZY IVAN)).

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(Maryott 2013) 38", 5.75 inch, MLaRe Sev, Tet. Dark purple petals RHS 183B with diffused black eye and yellow throat. Slight wire edge of white. Sdlg. K2559A. Parentage: H918B x h1410A.
$ 0.00 HAT CREEK (Bell-T., 2010) 30", 5 inch, MRe, Ev, Tet, Frag, Soft peach with a wine purple eye and edge above a very green throat. Parentage: (REFLECTIONS IN TIME X UNKNOWN).
$ 0.00HEART OF OBSIDIAN Add Details.
$ 0.00 HEARTBEAT OF HEAVEN (Emmerich, 2004) 32", 6.5 inch, MLaRe, Sev, Tet, Frag, 20 buds, 3 branches, Pink lavender with ivory lavender halo etched in darker lavender edge trimmed gold above yellow green throat. Parentage: ((FORTUNE'S DEAREST x LIFTING ME HIGHER) SDLG.).
$ 0.00 HEARTBREAKER ALEX (Nicole DeVito, 2011) 32", 6 inch, EM, Sev, Tet, Dark cherry chocolate eyes and large edges covering nearly the entire flower leaving heart shaped patterns of the light yellow cream self. Parentage Unknown.
$ 0.00 HEAVENLY UNITED WE STAND (Gossard, 2009) 51", 9 inch, M, Dor, Tet. Sun fast blood red above nice green throat. Parentage: (SDLG. X MEGATRON).

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