All plants are double fans unless otherwise stated
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$ 0.00NANCY'S QUILT (Agin 2007) 23" , 5.5 inch, MRe, Ev, Tet, Frag, Rose with large lavender eye surrounded by magenta band with double light green magenta edge. Parentage: Two seedlings.

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(Maryott 2013) 35", 5.75 inch, Sev, fertile tet, MRe, about 25 buds per scape. The coloring is as close to our favorite wine Merlot as we have seen. Sort of a metallic sheen adds to the interest of this cultivar. Green throat with white flash in center of each petal. Near black RHS 200A eyes and deep metallic maroon RHS 185S petals and sepals. Double wire edge of white and black. Sdlg. K2275B. Parentage [G488A: (E1426C: (CATCHER IN THE EYE X ESSENCE OF ROYALTY) X C367T: (MIDNIGHT IN MARAKESH X PURE INDULGENCE)] X [H400A: (E761SUP: MORT MORSS X ESSENCE OF ROYALTY) X F1137C: (C465A: (SPACECOAST STARBURST X DARLA ANITA) X WILD CHERRY ROUND UP].
$ 0.00NED'S CHOICE (Lovett 2006) 42" tall, 8 inch,, M, Ev, Dip, UFo Cascade , Near white self above pale green throat. Parentage: (LOCH NESS MONSTER BITE THE BULLET).
$ 0.00NEW PARADIGM (Stamile 2008) 28" , 6.5 inch, EERe, Sev, Tet, VFrag, Yellow with applique burgundy eye above green throat. Parentage: (THE BAND PLAYED ON TETRA TERRY LYNINGER).
$ 0.00NICOLE'S AMERICAN BEAUTY (Nicole Harry DiVito, 2008) 32", 6.5 inch, EMRe, Sev [Hard Dor in our garden] , Tet, 40 buds, 5 branches, Saturated rose red above lime green throat.
$ 0.00 NICOLE'S ELEPHANT EAR (Nicole Harry DiVito, 2010) 32", 8 inch, EMRe, Sev, Tet, Light cream almond color with a coral pink eye and ruffled edge with a large green throat. Parentage: ((SUNDAY SANDALS X ULTIMATE FANTASY) X (SEEDLING X DOVEALICIOUS).
$ 0.00 NICOLE'S ESPERENZA (Nicole Harry DiVito, 2010) 28", 6.5 inch, EMRe, Sev, Tet, Very light pink with chartreuse edge. Parentage: (APOPKA PINK PEARL X THAT THING YOU DO).
$ 0.00NICOLE'S HEAT SEEKER (Nicole Harry DiVito, 2010) 29", 6 inch, EMRe, Sev, Tet, 40 buds, 5 branches, Glowing orange self with light broken eye. Parentage: (LAVA FLOW SDLG).
$ 0.00NICOLE'S MELTS MY HEART (Nicole Harry DiVito, 2010) 28", 6.5 inch, EMRe, Sev, Tet, 25 buds, 4 branches, Clear bright pink with a thin hot pink halo and a bright green throat. Parentage: (SUSAN ELINOR (SONGWRITER LIVING LARGE)).

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