All plants are double fans unless otherwise stated
Quantity Image Price Name Description
$ 0.00SAILING AT DAWN (Petit 2005) 26 ", 6 inch, M, Sev, Tet. Plum with grape eye and edge above green throat. (GAVIN PETIT X DOYLE PIERCE) .
$ 0.00 SANTA FE SPICE Add Details.

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(Maryott 2014) 24", 5.25 inch, EM, Ev, Tet. Deep yellow gold (RHS 24A) with very prominent 3/8 inch red edge and eye. (RHS 45A) Bright and a nice performer. About 15 to 20 buds. Sdlg. L1321A. Parentage: H539A x J1264A.
$ 0.00 SCARLET AFFAIR Add Details.
$ 0.00SCREEN PATTERN (Stamile 2005) 26", M, 5.5 inch, Dor, Tet, Cream with multicolored eye above green throat. Parentage: (MYSTERIOUS EYES TETRA CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUATION).
$ 0.00SCULPTED SEASHELLS (Miner, 2009) 29", 6 inch, E, Ev, Tet, Bright clear pink with gold edge above green throat. Don't understand the color by the hybridizer. It's closer to a strawberry red for us. Photo by the hybridizer. Parentage: (ED BROWN BELLA SERA).
$ 0.00SEAGULL'S HEAVEN (Smith-FR 2006) 34" tall, 6 inch, M, Re, Sev, Tet, Saturated purple with large silver watermark and edge. Parentage: (I REMEMBER YOU BELLA SERA).
$ 0.00 SEAGULL'S HEAVEN - 3 DF Three double fans.
$ 0.00 SEASIDE ROMANCE (Bell-T., 2011) 26", 6 inch, MLaRe, Ev, Tet, Very Frag. Baby pink self with a lavender pink eye and picotee with a yellow border above a green throat. Photo by the hybridizer. Parantage: (PHARAOH'S DAUGHTER SDLG.).

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