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These are our "S" Seedlings that bloomed for the first time in 2015. There were 1000 crosses which resulted in a seedling crop of perhaps 8,000. We are finding this is the optimal seedling size to create, maintain, and choose seedlings from. It provides about one half acre of seedlings. They are planted on rows three across and about 8 inches apart. As soon as selected saved seedlings are moved to the greenhouse for further evaulation and to use in further breeding. Many of these seedlings will become introductions in about three years. Be sure to click on the "view pedigree" as it gives really interesting information on genetic segregation.

This beauty was bred almost entirely from oranges. You can see the influence of PRICKLY SENSATION with the clearly defined throat. The coloring is a peculiar red violet and the form is faultless. View Pedigree
LOTTA DOTTA is continuing to provide interesting stippling on the petals. This is entirely different than the overall stippling we have had in the past from things like DROP CLOTH and EXPANDING UNIVERSE. Notice there is no dots on the mothers side. This would lead one to believe this particular dotting is dominant. The form on most of the ancestors is not particularly good, but it does carry BUSY BEING BLUE and a few others with decent form, so improving form and keeping the dots is a major goal now. View Pedigree
This cultivar is by far the best orange we have made. It's a much improved EUPHORIC which is it's mother. The father goes back to lots of nice cultivars including PRICKLY SENSATION. The form is simply faultless as is the growth, branching, bud count, etc. View Pedigree
This cultivar demonstrates some interesting diversity from it's ancestors. Notice that all of it's grandparents and great grandparents are that typical blue-violet that is so popular, including BLUEGRASS MUSIC, BUSY BEING BLUE, and others. It's father is CARAMEL SUNDAE which is a giant flower with great scapes. This cultivar has nice form and intersting deeper coloration. View Pedigree
The break here came when I found that SILVER MOON SPARKLE would throw reds. ROSA REGALE was the first success story. Now crossing it back to other well formed reds with dark eyes, we get this beauty. Darker coloration, with a hint of purple in the eye and faultless form. View Pedigree
SENSE OF WONDER twice on the mothers side and ELEGANTE on the fathers side. How could one fail? I happen to love this soft pattern. It reminds me a little of RUSSIAN TEMPLE but apparently is not closely related. Great form, and lets hope it has everything else to lead to introduction. View Pedigree
ALL REVVED UP on both sides and the fabulous N514A as it's mother. This fancy eye pattern will continue to improve with heavier dosages. My primary goal is to make strong patterns with better form. This will require significant outcrossing which we are involved in now. View Pedigree
The idea here is to keep crossing darks to dark and making sure they have fabulous full forms. PRIVATE RESERVE is the father and a wonderful parent. The mother is another full formed dark from several generations of full formed things. The next step will be to put giant colored edges in yellow, gold, and orange. Frankly this should not be too difficult. The problem I have is that none of the darks in commerce (at this time) have the size, full round form and heavy ruffling that I need. View Pedigree
BACH CANTATA which has giant flowers, great scapes, and one of my best is on both sides of this cultivar. I doubt it will consistently have polytepals, but should be dramatic in it's own right. Carries the applique throat going back to TETRA TERRY LEININGER. View Pedigree