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This file has our R seedlings. They bloomed for the first time in 2014. The best seedlings are now being propogated for evaluation as potential introductions. This is a sampling of the more unique things with their parentage.
Be sure to click on the "view pedigree" links for each seedling. It will give the entire lineage in visual form. Shows a great deal about inherited traits.

CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH has a lovely flower, but not very good plant habits. I crossed it into my own golds including DAZZLING GOLD and got this beauty. Hopefully it will have all the right stuff for introduction. It's the best gold we've seen. View Pedigree
This is my best at this time. It takes N1179A which will be a 2016 introduction and crossing it with SPLENDIDA and you get a truly faultless blue lavender with dark eye and edge. View Pedigree
Heavy sculpturing and round ruffled form. Then a green outlined throat creates an interesting combination. Notice how lovely the form are of the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. View Pedigree
This is an improved BARBARA BURKHART bred from BARBARA BURKHART and my own deep oranges including BOGOTA, PLAY TO WIN AND WINNERS TROPHY. It's peculiar to me how deep oranges and reds will breed together. Red tends to be very recessive and will only come when breeding reds to reds. View Pedigree
This form goes back to OUTER SPACE, STRIKINGLY DRAMATIC, and TULLY MARS. Not round and ruffled, but quite pleasing to my eye. View Pedigree
I guess when one crosses weird to weird, one should expect something even more weird. I notice that BILLY THE KID, AND EXTRAVAGANT are both in the background. Nearly everything has that peculiar triangular form. Fun crosses!. View Pedigree
This cultivar is simply more advancements using PRIVATE RESERVE and CALIFORNIA CLASSIC. Big flowers, wonderful wide round form and very prominent banding. View Pedigree
Ever wondered what you would get if you stirred SATIN STICH, ELEGANTE, SHARPER IMAGE, ULTIMATE DESIGN, AND HOT SEAT together? This is my answer. View Pedigree
Making pattern daylilies simply involves crossing the best patterns to each other. This one carried TULLY MARS and SCREEN PATTERN heavily in the background. View Pedigree
The form and coloring is what makes this pattern interesting to me. Recurving petals which is normally not ideal and heavy patterns on the sepals add to the appeal. Notice the intense yellow-orange throat. View Pedigree
The goal here is to make spectrum reds with heavy sculpturing. This one has it plus some really interesting green in the throat. Very different from anything I'm aware of. View Pedigree
Just stir the pot with lots of nice oranges and occasionally one gets something lovely and unique. I like this one because I don't think it looks like any others I've seen. Individuality is a valuable trait when making a new cultivar. View Pedigree
We're not particularily fond with the open look, but CATCH A STAR had that form and now the children also carry the open form. Overall, a very distinctive cultivar. View Pedigree
Most of this cultivars ancestors had applique throats, but this seedling does not. I'm guessing using this one with more applique throats would give some real interesting children. We happen to love this coloring. View Pedigree