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The "N" seedlings bloomed for the first time in 2012. The crosses were made in 2011. We are posting many more seedlings for your viewing pleasure. Remember, we bloom about
12,000 seedlings each year and save several hundred. These ultimately will be rogued down to perhaps two dozen that will be given names and introduced. Many will be discarded as
not distinctive enough or have some important faults.

Very big blue eyes on light purple. A common pattern, but large dark eyes and good scapes makes this one worth watching. View Pedigree
Gold with very dark and impressive maroon banding and eye. We love the contrast. View Pedigree
Very dark eye and very prominent dark edging makes this attractive. Also nice wide very round form. We love the contrast. View Pedigree
Deep peach with heavy engraving and superb form. This is the form we are trying to create in all colors. View Pedigree
The double edge will be even more prominent in hot humid climates. A nice colorfast combination again with exceptional form. View Pedigree
This is a continuation of the NEW PARADIGM pattern which goes back to TERRY LYNINGER. Makes an impresive garden plant. View Pedigree
This is a sibling to the prior seedling. Notice how the orange throat and different petal coloring gives an entirely different effect. View Pedigree
Nearly faultless form. We had a lookalike bloom about five years ago that was too short. Now we finally have this one is a nice scape with solid growth. View Pedigree
The sharp contrast of the bright yellow applique throat to the darker petals gives this cultivar a certain charm. View Pedigree
HAPPY HAPPY has a fabulous form and most importantly, it is recessive for color which means one can get lots of new colors with the fabulous HAPPY HAPPY form. This is an example. View Pedigree
We continue to pursue this unusual form. It all started about twelve years ago with MEXICAN MAGIC. It continues today with even more "eccentric" seedlings. View Pedigree
The focus again is on form. KEEP ON LOOKING has long been a favorite of ours. Crossing to K1401A gave us this lovely orchid-lavender. View Pedigree
These peculiar "spears" in the eye are easily understood by looking at the pedigree. Nearly all of the ancestors has similar patterns. The bold eye is an added feature that makes this one interesting. View Pedigree
Putting it bluntly, this is the most impressive complex eye we are aware of. It is very fertile and we will be blooming several hundred children from it in 2014. It has branching, buds, and most importantly, the complex eye pattern is VERY consistent on all flowers. View Pedigree
The prominent double edge and the peculiar "spear shaped" eye is exactly what we were hoping for in this breeding. View Pedigree
Red-orange with faultless form. Looking at the pedigree demonstrates why the form is so nice. View Pedigree
There have been several introductions recently by other breeders with this pattern. To our knowledge, this is the best so far. I hope to have this on the market in 2015. View Pedigree
This is our attempt to make a better SENSE OF WONDER with better coloring, and better scapes. SENSE OF WONDER has been a long time favorite of ours. Notice that SENSE OF WONDER is on both sides in this breeding. View Pedigree
TULLY MARS throws really interesting eyes. This is an attempt to put even more dramatic eyes by intercrossing TULLY MARS children. View Pedigree
TULLY MARS has been recognized by many breeders with lots of potential. This is one of our future introductions from TULLY MARS. View Pedigree
A few years ago, this pattern with rounded form and broad multi-colored banding would have been unseen. Now we are seeing more and more of these. Some with clearer coloring than others and some with better plant habits than others. View Pedigree
Impeccable form and lovely coloring Notice how the edging is very heavily ruffled and in a contrasting coloring to eht petals. This again, is our signature form. View Pedigree
Obviously coming from HAPPY HAPPY. The form and pattern is very clearly that, even though the cross number was lost so the pedigree is unknown.