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The "P" seedlings bloomed for the first time in 2013. We are now adding an extensive collection of "P" seedlings. Many should be completing their evaluations and coming on the market in 2016 or soon thereafter. You will notice there are many more seedlings than we can introduce so our evaluation must be very critical. The intent it to only introduce plants with great growing properties as well as "pretty faces".

This seedling is a cross of HANALEI BAY and BUSY BEING BLUE. It has the wonderful form but in a pink-lavender blend. View Pedigree
M477A is ARTESIAN SPRING which has a decidedly bluish eye. P119A is almost identical but the eye is even more prominent. The mother is BUSY BEING BLUE which provides the nice form. View Pedigree
I'm very interested in this seedling for future breeding. It has the HAPPY HAPPY form with better branching and buds and an entirely new coloring. View Pedigree
I'm trying to change the form of FOUR BEASTS IN ONE and intensify the eye pattern. Also FBIO is a hard dormant and I'd rather have a semi-evergreen or perhaps just a standard dormant. View Pedigree
This is another attempt with FOUR BEASTS IN ONE. Notice the flower is becoming more compact with wider petals. View Pedigree
We are slowing migrating to a spectrum red with heavy engraving. This seedling is a muddy red with great throat pattern and wonderful form. View Pedigree
H1049A is DARINGLY DIFFERENT. P199A is a natural progression with this line. The eye is actually a watermark in this seedling with a sharply defined applique throat. View Pedigree
We're working here towards well formed reds with dark eyes. This seedling is from ROSA REGALE with perhaps a little better form, but not as pronounced of eye. Based on it's lineage, I would expect it to throw nicely formed reds with very dark eyes when crossed to similar things. View Pedigree
This appears to be just another pinkish lavenders with a dark eye until one realizes its a first generation HAPPY HAPPY child. This changes everything. It should carry the ability to make beautifully formed seedlings with dark eye patterns. Sometimes the pedigree is more important than the appearance of the face. View Pedigree
Here we have BUSY BEING BLUE crossed to HAPPY HAPPY. A fabulous seedling if it has great growing habits, tall scapes, and good buds. Only time will tell. In the mean time, we will continue it's use in future breeding. View Pedigree
G908N is HOT SEAT and K463A came from WINNERS TROPHY. Here we are adding the "spear shaped" eye to the hot orange coloring. The shape of the eye and the "pulled effect" of the gold throat adds appeal to this one. View Pedigree
This is an interesting seedling. Notice how the form carries from it's grandparent HAPPY HAPPY. Much better form than the father M1021A. This demonstrates clearly why pedigrees are so important. View Pedigree
J1357 is OUTER SPACE and notice it's on both sides of this seedling. L883N comes from STRIKINGLY DRAMATIC. Notice that nearly all the ancestors have open forms. In this case, we have simply chosen one of the largest seedlings with interesting markings. View Pedigree
Another interesting interation with ARTESIAN SPRING. Peculiar eye with lots of intesting colors including green. View Pedigree
I'm still using both UNFORGETTABLE GLOW and DUKE OF GASCONE in my breeding. I love the large gold and orange ruffled edges. I'm trying to improve the form and that's why it was crossed with K1121N which is GOING IN CIRCLES. View Pedigree
The goal is simple here. Make bold dark eyes on yellow/gold and give the very wide dramatic double edges. I've been very pleased with my efforts so far with FASHION RINGS and SATIN STITCH. View Pedigree
I'm not particularly fond of this coloring. It's mother CHARISMATIC is a fabulous plant and I'm guessing the next generation will give me better colors and perhaps something exciting. View Pedigree
The mother is CULMINATION and the grandparent on both sides is CALIFORNIA CLASSIC. The coloring of this seedling is quite exceptional with the pronouced edging. I'm guessing later generations will have better form like it's mother. View Pedigree
This is another FOUR BEASTS IN ONE child. The pattern is not very evident, but the strong color contrast and star shaped form is quite interesting in itself. View Pedigree
M494A is CATCH A STAR which I'm very fond of. This seedling has really intense coloring with very pronounced eye patterns on both the petals and sepals. I see it as a finished cultivar that would look nice in the garden. View Pedigree
We keep breeding these subtle blends hoping to find something interesting, appealing, and different from the glut of yellows already in commerce. Perhaps this one will make it. View Pedigree
Here we have intense coloring, lovely form, strong eye patterns and lovely double edges. This will make it to market if it has all the other characteristics a hardy garden perennial needs. View Pedigree
Crossing reds with purple will many times give darker red-purples. The goal here is large round well formed deep red/maroons. This one has a greenish/yellow throat but with a gold/orange throat, the petal pigment will be even more intense. View Pedigree
I'm really fond of this because it almost appears as a deep orange self. K494N, the mother will be a 2016 introduction and has lead to very intense new red/orange seedlings. View Pedigree
This is one of the most exceptional new deep red/purples I've gotten. The father is SHIRAZ, the grandfather is CALIFORNIA CLASSIC. The mother K826AA is also still under evaluation. View Pedigree
This all started with K871A which was named PRICKLY SENSATION. Then the eye morphed into this peculiar pattern we are seeing. It's basically an applique throat with a dark lipstick eye and a corresponding dark band. View Pedigree
The applique throat which comes from CATCHER IN THE EYE on the mother side and TETRA TERRY LYNINGER on the fathers side is giving us an interesting seedling with just a lipstick eye of red/maroon. View Pedigree
I've been excited with J104A for several years. Crossed to BUSY BEING BLUE gave me a watermarked eye and
the next generation gave this beauty. In 2016, this will be crossed extensively with STENCILED INFUSION and COSMIC AWAKENING. Here's an example where my own seedlings will be used in outcrosses with others things. View Pedigree
I've known for several years that HAPPY HAPPY would throw pinks. Here is one of my best so far. Love the HAPPY HAPPY form. View Pedigree
We're getting new oranges trimmed in red that are far deeper than anything I'm aware of on the market. This is exciting breeding for me. View Pedigree
Unusual eyes but I'm personally bothered by the channelling or "canoeing" of the petals in the throat. I consider this a fault just as long pointed sepals are a fault to my eye. View Pedigree
This particular seedling is sort of a peculiar blend, but going back to ELEGANTE and ULTIMATE DESIGN, it could throw some extremely interesting seedlings in the next generation. View Pedigree
Big bold eyes and wide bold double edges are very attractive to me. The pedigree is faultless with exceptional parents and grandparents. View Pedigree
NEW PARADIGM is both a fabulous daylily and a fabulous parent. The goal here is to move out of the yellows and into the creams with dark eyes, dark edges and bright applique throats. View Pedigree
How difficult can this cross be? Crossing TRIPLE DELIGHT with STUNNINGLY DIFFERENT is a no-brainer. Just focus on long triangular eyes that push to the edge of the petals. View Pedigree
Even though virtually everyone has made a fabulous new light yellow, I keep trying for something unique. This might have the right qualities to go into commerce. View Pedigree
Yellow and orange together are pleasant to me. I'm trying to make full formed deep yellow golds trimmed in orange. The applique pattern adds appeal here. View Pedigree
ROCK MY WORLD is a fabulous daylily. I'm crossing it here to my best round golds with deep eyes. I like the way the throat extends triangularly out towards the tips of the petals giving a very attractive yellow petal pattern. View Pedigree
I wish I knew the other side of this cross. I personally love this color combination. I'll push this to market as fast as possible. Hopefully it has all the growing factors necessary. View Pedigree
Delicate coloring coming directly from ULTIMATE DESIGN. I happen to love these subtle coloring and fabulous form. View Pedigree
This is simply an advancement on my L883N. Open form, pointed petals with a center flash from the throat. Then mimicked on the sepals. View Pedigree
Continuing the pursuit of HAPPY HAPPY in all colors. HAPPY HAPPY happens to be very recessive regarding coloring. It's children can be any coloring. It needs improvements with scape height, number of buds, and plant vigor. This will happen. View Pedigree
This is most peculiar to me. Almost appears that it's a mixup, but I'm rather convinced it's simply an unusual segregation of red showing primarily in the mothers line. Future generations will demonstrate if I'm correct or not. View Pedigree
This is almost exactly what one might expect. Big bold deep red maroons coming from similar breeding. I'm working this line hard. I happen to love these flowers. View Pedigree
Again, another interation of HAPPY HAPPY with wonderful form and intense colorations. With the exception of HAPPY HAPPY this cultivar is created entirely from my own breeding efforts going back ten or twelve generations. View Pedigree
A peculiar orange with triangular eye and rather heavy engraving. I think it's rather unique and might actually make it into commerce. View Pedigree
Applique throats will give interesting throat patterns which I find fun. Notice that NEW PARADIGM is in both sides of this seedling. View Pedigree
TULLY MARS has been an important breeder now for several years. Crossed to FOUR BEASTS IN ONE, we are seeing a transition in coloring. Now to improve the form. View Pedigree
This is one of my first successes with this idea. Cross the heavily ruffled yellow/orange edged cultivars into my own deep red/maroons. More seedlings like this will follow. Some nearly spectrum red going all the way to nearly full black. All having giant yellow and orange ruffled edges. View Pedigree
Watermarked eyes can be quite attractive. I'm hoping this concept will continue to develop into really unusual new things perhaps with fancy edges, large flowers, and very heavy ruffles. View Pedigree
An exciting seedling. A prettier face than ROCK MY WORLD. Now to get the vigor of ROCK MY WORLD and wonderful scapes and buds. I'll be backcrossing it to ROCK MY WORLD and other similar things. View Pedigree
The form is wonderful, but the color segregation is not exactly what I am looking for. I can invision something similar to this that is much more attractive. "The beat goes on" View Pedigree
PRIVATE RESERVE is perhaps my best dark maroon on the market, in fact I like it better right now that any other similar cultivars available. The idea here is to improve it with deeper coloring and retain the wonderful form. This might be the answer. View Pedigree