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Maryott's no longer sells directly to our customers. Our stock, as well as our new introductions, will be sold through Schreiner's Gardens in Salem, Oregon. With our assistance, Schreiner's Gardens in Salem Oregon has now updated their website to include our 2018 daylily introductions. I have been working with the Schreiners to resolve some startup problems they have had being new to daylilies. We expect them to provide quality plants just as they have with bearded iris for the past 75 years. You will find the same high quality and low prices Maryotts' have become noted for. Orders are now being taken. They are the largest bearded iris nursery in the world with nearly two hundred acres in cultivation. Here is a collage of some of our new 2018 Introductions. If you have ordered from us, you will be on their mailing list. If not, simply : click on this link which will take you directly to Schreiners Gardens website: http://www.schreinersgardens.com .

Our breeding efforts continue just as before. We will be blooming about 5000 first year seedlings, about 5000 second year seedlings and a large block of cultivars being evaluated for future introduction. I personally am available to help you anyway I can. You can reach me at my new mobile phone 831-254-7148 or email williammaryott@gmail.com.

Field Of Daylilies
Daylily Fields At Maryott's Gardens

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