All plants are double fans unless otherwise stated
Quantity Image Price Name Description
$ 50.00BETTY BOOP (Maryott 2014) 30 inches tall, 4.5 inch open form flowers, EM and Rebloom, Sev, Dip. Multiple scapes with as many as 50 buds per scape. Fast increaser. We were doing extensive breeding trying to create a 14 inch tall small "spider like" flower. We failed, but in the process we created this wonderful garden jewel. Sure to please. Sdlg No. L1462N. Pedigree: Seedling J1261A x NED'S CHOICE.
$ 100.00CHARMING KAYLA (Maryott 2014) 26 inches tall, 6 inch flowers, EMRe, 15 plus buds per scape, Ev, Tet, Soft pink RHS 52A with a delicate lipstick eye of red. Excellent form, large flowers, strong growth and an excellent overall cultivar. Sdlg: J663A. Parentage: Sdlg. F1788A x ARCTIC SUNRISE.
$ 100.00DAZZLING GOLD (Maryott 2014) 34 inchest tall, 5 3/4 inch flowers, EMRe, Ev, Tet. Solid true gold happens to be a rather scarce coloring. This beauty is well formed, sunfast, and gives excellent branching and buds. Sdlg. K2356A Parentage: H1084A x G587A.
$ 150.00EUPHORIC (Maryott 2014) 34 inches tall, 5 3/4 inch flowers, EMRe, Ev, Tet. Pale orange petals, deep orange eye and wide orange edge and then very prominent applique yellow throat. I have been working towards this pattern for years and am very delighted with this breakthruough. I hope others enjoy it as much as I do. Totally unique. Sdlg. L1148A Parentage: SENSE OF WONDER x J1264A.
$ 125.00 FASHION RINGS (Maryott 2014) 27 inches tall, 5.5 inch flowers, EMRe, Ev, Tet. Pure colors are so hard to create in daylilies. Most are blends. Wide bands are also hard to create. To get pure deep yellow petals with true red eyes and very wide red banding is a dream. This beauty fulfills that dream. Excellent overall plant habits to boot. Sdlg. L672A. Parentage: MISS PHOTOGENIC x J1264A.
$ 100.00GAGE'S FACEPAINT (Maryott 2014) 28 inches tall, 5.75 inch flowers, EMRe, Ev, Tet. Named for my wonderful grandson Gage Christiansen. Wide purple eyes on muted orange with very prominent orange applique throat. We have been breeding applique throats now for over ten years and finally getting very distinct patterns. The nice rounded form and good growth habits make this a wonderful new introduction. Sdlg. L194A. Parentage: EXTRAVAGANT X NEW PARADIGM.
$ 100.00KIRK ARMSTRONG (Maryott 2014) 27 inches, 5 inch flowers, MRe, Ev, Tet, Named for my little buddy, my grandson Kirk. Soft yellow with that distinctive lipstick eye from ARCTIC SUNRISE. Faultless form, nice scapes with great branchign and great buds. A truly refined cultivar. Sdlg. K283A. Parentage: F292A x ARCTIC SUNRISE.
$ 150.00MAGICIAN'S MAGIC (Maryott 2014) 32 inches tall, 5 3/4 inch flowers, MLRe, Ev, Tet, Gaudy sells. What could be more gaudy than a big massively ruffled black with prominent gold edge? First we had LARRY'S OBSESSION, then PRIVATE RESERVE and now MAGICIAN'S MAGIC. Our quest continues. Sdlg. K832A. Parentage: HUCKLEBERRY YOGURT x F1175N.
$ 100.00MESMERIZER (Maryott 2014) 29 inches tall, 5 3/4 inch flowers, EMRe, Ev, Tet. Our pursuit for many years has been to make the best reds on the market. We started with BEST IN CLASS and have improved each year through extensive breeding. Our reds have a very specific form not found in most of the other new reds. Round, heavily ruffled, colorfast, with great scapes. This is just a cross of two of our best prior reds. Sdlg. J1031N. Parentage: RED CHILE RENDEZVOUS x RED SLIPPERS.

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