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Just a Sample Image OUR 2016 SEASON BEGINS!!!

WE ARE NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR 2016. SHIPMENTS WILL BEGIN JUNE 15 AND PERSONAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ORDERS WITHIN A COUPLE OF DAYS. DUE TO THE HIGH VOLUME OF ORDERS, THE EARLIEST SHIPPING ON NEW ORDERS WILL BE LATE JUNE We have posted all 12 of our new Spring 2016 introductions. PUERTO VALLARTA is an example. This is an exciting new color and is allowing us to create lots of seedlings with deep orange trimmed in red. Notice you can buy a double fan of the complete set of all twelve of our 2016 introductions for only $995, a $1325 value. Please take a few minutes and view our coming attractions. They are listed on the left as SEEDLINGS. There are four years of reselects that comprise nearly 100 cultivars. We have provided pictures, pedigrees, and comments. We hope you enjoy them! We appreciate all of our loyal customers this year. We encourage you to share our plants in any way you like. The more folks that grow our plants, the more popular we are. If you have purchased from us in the past and were pleased with our plants and service, please tell your friends.

Our breeding continues with 11,000 new seedlings lined out and beginning to bloom about June 1st. Please check our SEEDLINGS links. They have been updated to include our latest breeding efforts. There are four years of seedlings to view with 90 cultivars pictured. All have four generation pedigree charts with pictures. If you are interested in hybridizing, this is a "must see".

To find a specific cultivar, just type the name (or partial name) in our search box on the front page. It will show if we sell the cultivar or if it's been used as a parent in other cultivars.

BONUS PLANTS: If you are new to Maryott's, remember we are generous with bonus on all orders. Bonus hints are always welcome. Our business focuses on providing the best new cultivars available in commerce at very competitive prices. We have been providing fine nursery products for over thirty-five years.

We do not charge credit cards until close to shipment. OUR SHIPPING SCHEDULE EACH YEAR IS JUNE 15 TO SEPTEMBER 30 - YOU MAY REQUEST A SHIPMENT DATE WITHIN THAT PERIOD We are available all year to handle your questions. Just call us toll free 1-800-522-3198 or email bill@daylilygarden.net. Our goal is to see that every customer is satisfied with our business. If you are ever unhappy, please write us and we will make it right. Over 85% of our business are repeat customers.

Maryott's has a regular spray regimen to control rust, we do our best to never ship active rust, but we cannot guarantee the plants to be rust free. Rust has been a part of daylilies now for over ten years and if you live where rust will survive, you may need to develop a spray regimen to control it. We ship double fans on all plants including new introductions. Our stock is always field grown, never tissue cultured and we have never used BAP to increase divisions. The pictures used on our website are taken by us. You may use them commercially, but you must obtain our permission in writing and you must acknowledge the use of them. They are not public domain.

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